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KUBO Classroom Bundle

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 Introduce early learners, ages 4 -10+, to coding and computational thinking fundamentals with KUBO. The KUBO Robot is designed to spark curiosity, encourage exploration, and help students understand how the technology around us works. Using a puzzle-based approach to coding, you can teach kids to program routes, functions, subroutines, and loops in simple, logical steps.

The KUBO Classroom Bundle is a blended learning solution that includes hands-on robots for your classroom and a digital platform for a personalized learning journey for each student. Our subscription plan offers lifetime service, a full warranty, and easy-to-upgrade options.

The KUBO Classroom Bundle Includes:

KUBO Coding Starter Kit – Hands-on coding kit (max. 35 students)

  • 12 x Robots
  • 12 x Chargers
  • 12 x Activity Maps
  • 12 x 46 TagTiles®

KUBO Play access – Digital coding portal

  • 35 x virtual robots
  • Classroom management
  • Individual student access

Why Choose KUBO for Your Elementary Classroom?

With KUBO, you get a hands-on coding solution designed to enhance creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication for your students aged 4 to 10+. Students are taught how to code through KUBO’s unique TagTile® programming language with low complexity and easy adoption for teachers and students. KUBO loves storytelling, which makes it easy for children to create new universes and for teachers to do cross-curricular exercises.

The easiest way to learn and teach coding

KUBO is an excellent way for educators to introduce students to coding and a great way for kids to kick start their journey into programming.

There is no need to be a tech expert or an IT specialist to start using KUBO. Build your students’ curriculum starting with a simple puzzle-based approach to coding before diving into more complex languages.

KUBO Classroom Bundle offers

Screenless learning – KUBO Hands-on
KUBO Hands-on is a simple, intuitive, plug-and-learn coding tool with low complexity, zero set-up time, and easy adoption for teachers and students.

Unique Tagtile® Solution
KUBO is the only puzzle-like concept in the world. It makes coding as simple as snapping together puzzle pieces.

Digital learning – KUBO Play
KUBO Play is a brand new digital coding solution that engages children whether they are in class in school or remotely at home. KUBO Play caters to all abilities and elementary age groups. Students reinforce the computational curriculum and experience a personalized learning journey.

Classroom management
Have a complete overview of the school, teachers, and students. Organize classes, add, remove or change teacher and student info. Manage and assign tasks to students on an individual level. Track students’ progress and provide immediate feedback.

Educator resources – KUBO Portal
KUBO Portal supports your teaching process. It’s a powerful resource platform for you to deliver a high-quality experience in the classroom. You are continuously updated with the latest standard-based lesson plans, cross-curricular activities, video tutorials, webinars, white papers, and more.

Curriculum and lesson plans
We offer a certified standard-aligned and detailed curriculum available in 12+ languages.

Cross-curricular activities
With over 40 cross-curricular challenges, available for free on KUBO Portal, you will increase your students’ engagement in a hands-on, playful way.

KUBO Map-Maker
The KUBO MapMaker is a tool for teachers to develop their own coding challenges by creating printable maps for their classrooms. Create coding challenges aligned with your existing schemes of work – choose a theme, design your tasks, save, download and share.

Professional Development
Our professional development section will secure the best onboarding for you using KUBO in the classroom. It consists of training courses, webinars, and whitepapers to improve educators’ teaching quality and effectiveness. Includes certification.

CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under three years.

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