Tommy Otzen

CEO, co-founder, proud father

Tommy may wear many hats, but he’s driven by one goal: to democratize technology and make it accessible to every child on the planet.

+45 6040 8160

Daniel Lindegaard

COO, co-founder, computer wiz

Daniel was only eight years old when he taught himself how to code. He designed KUBO to inspire the same sense of wonder and empowerment he felt when he first started programming.

+45 4249 4844

Rasmus Lindholm

Robotics developer, partner, tech expert

There’s nothing Rasmus doesn’t know about coding and robotics. And he’s more than happy to impart that knowledge to your kids through KUBO and the TagTiles.

+45 6084 4204

Martin Brems

Consultant, branding master

Martin, our voice of reason and experience, is the best in the business of branding! He’s here to craft KUBO’s marketing strategy and help us reach our true potential as a company.

+45 6025 7572


Jan Jørgensen

Marketing manager, stellar all-rounder

Jan joined the KUBO team as a fresh-faced intern straight out of university. One year later, he’s an accomplished marketing manager who’s committed to making sure every student gets to code with KUBO. Jan is also KUBO’s resident all-rounder and always willing to lend a hand when you need him!

+45 2241 1636

Shifa Rahaman

Communications Manager, KUBO's voice

Shifa is passionate about getting our message out to the world. She’s on a mission to convince people that if KUBO can teach her how to code, it can teach anyone!

+45 5363 5376

Katrine Hansen

Content Manager, filmmaker extraordinaire

Katrine is happiest behind the lens of a camera. No one is better at capturing the magic of KUBO and the TagTiles on film than she is!

+45 2879 6388

Our board and investors:

Chairman of the Board:

Robbert Nickolaj Stecher

ex. Sr. VP Corporate Management LEGO

Board Member:

Søren Lund

ex. Dir. LEGO Mindstorm / ex. GM & VP, Sales CE, LEGO

Board Member:

Lars Rønn

Investor, Partner, VF Venture

Board Member:

Niklas Marschall

Investor, CEO, KMD Venture

Board Member:

Daniel Friis Lindegaard

COO, Co-Founder

Board Member:

Tommy Schou Lund Otzen

CEO, Co-Founder