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STEM Robot

KUBO is an intuitive, plug-and-learn robot that makes learning how to code easy and fun. With both hands-on and digital robots, KUBO is an excellent way for early learners to take their first steps into coding.

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Who is KUBO?

KUBO is the robot that makes learning to code fun for everyone. KUBO uses a unique TagTile® system that allows students—at any age—to learn by doing. 

Inviting KUBO into your classroom, you open the door to new and engaging ways for students to learn fundamental coding concepts, helping today’s students solve tomorrow’s problems.

Screen-free coding |
KUBO Hands-on

Kick off your students’ coding journey with KUBO.
The STEM robot, designed to teach kids coding in an unplugged and collaborative environment.

On-screen coding |

KUBO Play is a way for K-5 students to get their first taste of coding online. KUBO Play allows students to practice coding independently.

STEM in your classroom

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KUBO is the perfect fit for your coding classes:

This is why you should get KUBO for your school

When I saw KUBO I thought it would be easy to use, but I didn’t think it would be soooo easy to use! I was up and going the day the boxes arrived. No lengthy training or tutorial needed. We got to the cool stuff right away!

Dana Cochrane

Teacher, Stillwell Grade School, United States

KUBO is very intuitive. Students can just get started. I don’t have to give complex instructions because with
KUBO, kids can figure things out for themselves! 

Rikke Lohman

Educator at Kroggårdsskolen, Denmark

One of the things we like about KUBO is that it’s not only teaching coding at its most basic level to our youngest children. It can also be integrated into our math and story lessons.

Roy Coleman

Headteacher, Nightingale Primary School, UK

Already got a KUBO?

Find step-by-step instructions on how to get started in the KUBO Portal.