“KUBO’s strength is that it lets students learn through play. It’s a great coding tool to use in the classroom because it’s very intuitive. Students can just get started, and it’s easy to transfer the basics they learn to more formal coding languages later.”

Rikke Lohman

teacher, Kroggårdsskolen, Odense, Denmark

“It’s normally hard to teach students coding, but KUBO makes it easy, simple, and fun for them. It stimulates their imagination and problem-solving abilities in a really intuitive way.”

Lina Sedin

teacher, Hammars Skolar, Sweden

KUBO Coding Set(Classroom Edition)

Teach your students the basics of coding with KUBO’s classroom edition, which can be used in a class of up to 30 students.

It includes 10x KUBO robots, 10x coding activity packages, 10x activity maps, 1x blank map, 10x USB charging cables, 1x multi-charger box, 1x quick start guide, and 1x teacher’s manual.


KUBO Coding Set(Single Edition)

KUBO’s single addition contains one coding robot and is intended to supplement the classroom edition. 

Every set includes 1x KUBO robot, 1x coding activity pack,
1x activity map, 1x quick start guide,
and 1x micro USB charging cable.


KUBO’s online curriculum

Find curriculum-related material like KUBO’s Coding License on our online curriculum platform, KUBO Education. KUBO Education (or KEDU for short) is also a community resource where like-minded educators around the world can share ideas, projects, and assignments they’ve designed for their students and KUBO.

If you’re an educator, create a profile here:


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