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The hands-on coding robot for K-5

With KUBO, students have the opportunity to learn coding through hands-on experiences and develop problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

KUBO Coding Starter Set

Getting Started

Grade 1-5

KUBO Coding Starter Set lays the foundations for computational literacy for children as young as four, by introducing functions, loops and subroutines.

KUBO Coding Starter Set introduces concepts of functions, loops and subroutines.
KUBO Coding+ adds dimensions of time, distance, speed and direction.

KUBO Coding+ Set

Moving On

Grade 1-3

KUBO Coding+ further develops the kids’ computational thinking skills, by adding dimensions of time, distance, speed and direction.



KUBO Coding++ introduces events, variables and conditions.

KUBO Coding++ Set

Super Coders

Grade 3-5

KUBO Coding++ introduces events, variables and conditions, meeting most ISTE and CSTA Computer Science standards for students aged 7 to 10+ (K3-K5).

KUBO Coding Math Pack combines coding and math

KUBO Coding Math Set

Grade 1-5

Practice Math

KUBO Coding Math integrates math across the coding curriculum. Combine with KUBO Coding Starter Set, to introduce kids to advanced math & coding problems.


Kick-start your students' journey into Programming

Bring STEM learning into your classroom. Spark your students’ curiosity and encourage explorations with a STEM robot that makes coding as easy as snapping puzzle pieces together.

STEM education in the classroom.
Coding language that kids understand and quickly learn.

Learning coding as easy as A,B,C

KUBO is the world’s first puzzle-based educational robot, designed to take students from passive consumers of technology to empowered creators. By simplifying complex concepts, KUBO teaches children to code even before they can read and write.

Teaching coding as easy as 1,2,3

As an educator, you don’t need any prior coding experience to introduce KUBO to your students. Our Portal has all the resources you need to help you prepare today for the class of tomorrow.

Teaching coding to elementary students
K-5 coding classes teach collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Coding Develops the Skills of Tomorrow

Coding teaches children to be problem solvers. While coding, children face a problem and try to solve it with code – they write, test, run, find errors and fix them.

Coding incorporates creativity and fun alongside technical knowledge. There are endless possibilities to the stories, games, and apps children can create with code.

Get started with KUBO

Get started for your elementary coding classes with KUBO.

Buy with Confidence

Almost every teacher finds the decision-making process choosing a STEM robot for their classroom stressful and overwhelming. Especially if they have no experience with coding and programming.

But these can be exciting steps and decisions! KUBO therefore offer the right of cancelation within the first 90 days. If you decide to cancel your subscription within the first three months, you will receive a credit note for 75% of the original subscription fee.