Professional Development

The Potential of Summer Vacation: A Guide for Elementary Teachers

Elementary teachers spend most of the academic year managing their classrooms, helping students grasp fundamental concepts, assessing their progress, and communicating with parents and other stakeholders. When summer rolls around, some may believe that teachers just go into hibernation until…

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Unplugged Summer Coding Activities for Kids

Unplugged Summer Coding Activities for Kids

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, a time to explore new things, or delve deeper into existing passions. For many children, this is the time to join a summer camp or other fun activities with their classmates.  If…

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Secure Funding to Integrate KUBO into Your STEM Curriculum

Navigate the funding landscape for primary education technology

Secure Essential Funding to Integrate KUBO into Your STEM Curriculum. As technology progresses and a growing number of occupations demand technical expertise, STEM education has become crucial. However, tightening school budgets is making it more and more challenging to supply…

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Earth Day STEM Activities

Celebrate Earth Day with These Classroom STEM Activities

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, offers the perfect opportunity for teachers to engage students in STEM activities that focus on the environment and sustainability. As educators, one of the best ways to promote environmental awareness to students is…

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Coding for kids

What does “coding” mean in K-2?

Teaching kindergarten kids to code may sound like a challenging task, and understandably, some may be skeptical about whether young children can truly learn to code. The traditional image of a programmer sitting in a dark room, typing away at…

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