10 STEM activities to celebrate the 100th Day of School, No Prep Needed

What is the 100th Day of School?

100 days of learning and fun have passed this school year and it’s time to celebrate!

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The 100th day of school is widely celebrated in kindergartens and elementary schools as a fun milestone between the winter and spring periods. It’s a day that acknowledges and praises the students’ progress. Also it’s a great way of supporting the students’ understanding of numbers, math and time. 

When is the 100th Day of School?

There is not a specific date that marks the 100th day of school. 

The first day of school always varies between mid-August to early September so most schools reach the 100th day of school around the end of January to mid-February. 

What to do on the 100th Day of School?

Some popular activities include counting and displaying 100 items, creating and wearing 100th day shirts, doing 100th day challenges, or making special projects that represent 100 in different ways. You can also have a themed party or make a quiz for your students. The possibilities are endless, however, many of these activities require a lot of preparation. 

If you have had a busy schedule lately and you didn’t have the time to prepare for the 100th day of school, but you still want to mark the day with fun activities, we are here to help. We have gathered 10 fun activities for your classroom that require no preparation:

10 classroom activities to celebrate the 100th day of school  

  1. 100 days smarter: Ask your students to come up with 100 things they learned this year – from new skills to fun facts, everything counts!
  2. 100-word story: Each student writes a 100-word story about what they want to be when they grow up.
  3. 100-item math challenge: List 100 equations that equal 100.
  4. 100-piece puzzle: Have students work together to complete a 100-piece puzzle.
  5. 100-cups challenge: Create a structure with 100 red plastic cups.
  6. 100-meter run: Who can run 100-meter fastest? Or can your students do 100 jumping jacks or hop 100 times? Or complete 10 sets of 10 exercises?
  7. 100-item art project: Have students create a large artwork made of 100 small items, such as 100 handprints, 100 stickers or 100 beads.
  8. 100-heart decorations: Have students make 100 hearts decorations for Valentine’s Day. 
  9. 100-second dance party: Have a 100-second dance party to celebrate the 100th day of school.
  10. 100-item mystery box: Have students bring in a mystery box with 100 items and have the class guess what’s inside.

STEM activities with KUBO to mark the 100th of school

Do you own a KUBO Coding Starter Set or even the KUBO Coding Math Set? Then charge up your KUBO Robot for a day full of fun coding & math activities.

  1. Try out the cross-curricular activity “KUBO the Mathematician”. Practice Math problems and KUBO will tell you if they are correct. Create a map with math questions your students have to solve or challenge them to come up with math questions that involve the number 100. 
  2. Challenge your students’ creativity with the activity “Stories with Math Solutions”. Students have to come up with a story and a math problem for KUBO. For example, KUBO needs to run for 100 mins, how many laps of the schools does he need to complete?
  3. You can also try the “Solar System” cross-curriculum activity and challenge your students how many planets they can visit in 100 minutes!

On the KUBO Portal you can find over 40 cross-curricular activities to choose from! Set a timer for 100 minutes and you can use any of them to celebrate the 100th day of school! 

Who is KUBO?

KUBO is a STEM robot that makes learning fun! Teach your students basic coding concepts with KUBO in a screen-free environment. Find out more about our STEM Robot by clicking here

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