3 Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschool and Elementary Students + FREE Printables

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that brings an opportunity to spread love and kindness in the classroom. 

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to make this day even more special by incorporating fun activities in the classroom. The activities we have designed for you, not only provide a festive atmosphere for students but also encourage them to express their creativity, love and appreciation for one another.

Here are three easy and memorable Valentine’s Day activities for your students to enjoy in the classroom.

A Heart Full of Love (Pre-K – 5th Grade)

Ready, set, draw .. all the things you love! 

This activity has the students draw a heart-shaped puzzle with all the things they love. In each puzzle piece, the students draw something they love e.g. their family members, friends, pets, favorite food, games, sports, hobbies, places to visit, etc. 

Once the students are done, they can present their drawings to the class or discuss them in groups. Maybe some students will find shared interests or kids will get inspired about new games and hobbies. 

Coloring activities keep students engaged and entertained while also helping them develop their fine motor skills as they draw and color. Download the “A Heart Full of Love” free printable here.

Valentine’s Task Cards (Pre-K – 3rd Grade)

These task cards are a fun and interactive way for students to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the classroom. They encourage students to express love, kindness, and appreciation for one another and help to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere in the classroom.

The activity includes 30 heart shaped task cards. Ask your students to cut out the task cards and place them on the floor facing down. Gather all students in a circle and let every student draw a task card. Help them to read the task card, if needed and let them express their love!

Find the “Valentine’s Task Cards” free printable here

Count My Love (2nd Grade – 5th Grade)

“Count My Love” is a fun, math activity for your classroom on Valentines Day! The activity practices your students math skills while promoting teamwork and critical thinking. 

“Count My Love” consists of hearts that, if put together, show a correct math equation. 

Separate the class in small groups and ask your students to cut out the hearts along the dotted lines. Then they have to mix up the parts and put the hearts back together. 

This activity comes with 6 math problems per group (adding and subtracting). We have created tasks for 5 groups, or 30 math problems in total. In addition, we have created 12 advanced math problems (multiplying and dividing) depending on your students skills. 

Find the “Count My Love” free printable here

These are just a few of the many fun and creative activities that you can incorporate into your Valentine’s Day celebrations in the classroom. Whether you choose to do one of them or all of them, or you simply choose to ask your students to draw cards for their loved ones or create decorations for the classroom, we are sure your classroom will be filled with joy and excitement this Valentine’s Day!

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